Step 1: Application

Contact us and submit the property address and amount requested HERE. Next, we will contact you to discuss the project and provide the amount we can loan on the property. Additionally, we'll let you know if you still need to qualify for a private loan.

Step 2: Documents

If you are preliminarily approved, we will ask you to provide additional information and documentation including, but not limited to, the following items:

  • A copy of the purchase and sale agreement
  • Copy of a driver's license
  • List of repairs, and work anticipated along with a quote from a licensed contractor.
  • Copies of any property appraisals or inspection reports;
  • Entity documentation for the borrowing entity.

Upon preliminary approval, you will be asked to pay for third-party costs, such as credit reports, inspections, etc.

Don't worry, we will disclose these fees to you ahead of time.

Step 3: Title

Once all documentation is received, the title will be ordered and reviewed upon completion. If necessary, an inspection of the property will be scheduled.

Step 4: Insurance and Closing

Once proof of insurance has been provided and the title is clear, loan funds will be disbursed through a closing/settlement with a title company. You will be responsible for all closing and insurance costs.

Step 5: Construction/Rehab Draws

If your hard money loan is a rehab/construction loan, the funds will be placed in a construction escrow. You must call us during each completion phase to arrange a property inspection. Once approved, we will release the draw. The final draw will be released once the project is completed.

Step 6: Sell or Refinance

Within the loan term, you must sell or refinance the property to pay off the loan. If your business plan is executed properly, you should receive rewards for your hard work.

Note: After your first loan is paid off, the loan application process will go much quicker on upcoming deals.