Innovative Lending for Real Estate Investors

Founded by local real estate investors, Mainspring Capital provides hard money loans to investors for various real-estate projects. As a small local lender deploying our capital, we can close in as little as 48 hours to deliver much-needed capital for your real estate deals.


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The Three Guarantees

Quick Access to Capital

To help quickly get your project off the ground.

Local Expertise

Well-positioned to provide financing solutions per local market conditions.

Tailored Loan Options

A loan that's just right for your project.

What we offer

Loan Types

Fix & Flip

From tear-down to turn-key, let us fund your fixer-upper vision.


Building your dream real estate brick by brick.


Bridging the gap between projects with our reliable team.


Time-sensitive transactions, for wholesalers, made simple and efficient.

Our Projects

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